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Xiamen, the best city for the development of new domestic products, has entered the top 20 and is known as the "bathroom city"
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At present, all kinds of "online celebrities" emerge one after another, and new domestic products are definitely the mainstream of the market. Recently, tmall and cbndata (the first business data center of Finance and Economics) launched a survey on the city of new domestic products in 2020, and conducted a comprehensive "physical examination" on the development of new domestic products in different cities across the country. In the list of sports outdoor industry cities, Xiamen ranks among the top 10 in China, ranking seventh, and is known as the "city of bathroom". Xiamen ranked 17th in the list of the best cities for the development of new domestic products.

The "post-95" consumers have gradually become the brand's most concerned new force, and their consumption attitude and demand promote the market reform. According to the list, Shanghai ranks first, among which the turnover of new sharp brands accounts for 1 / 6 of the whole country, making it a veritable new consumption city; Guangzhou has developed "beauty economy", and 75% of the national beauty brands are born here, becoming a new and attractive city; Shenzhen ranks among the top three with the rise of a number of science and technology brands such as Xinjiang; and Beijing, with its incomparable cultural heritage and culture Create industrial advantages and lead the city of new culture and innovation.

China's "smart" products are being used to define new quality and new speed, and Xiamen's "bathroom city" has come from this. At present, there are more than 160 bathroom enterprises in our city (excluding upstream and downstream supporting enterprises), and the output value of these two years has exceeded 30 billion yuan. The intelligent manufacturing level leads the development of the industry. Especially since this year, the epidemic has changed people's living habits. Intelligent sanitary products have been sought after by the market, and many bathroom enterprises in our city have achieved adverse growth. At present, there are 6 listed enterprises in domestic sanitary ware industry, and 3 of them are in our city. (reporter Li Xiaoping)


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